Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Certificate Error ,when installing sis files in nokia devices

As much as I like themes to personalize my Nokia devices they are also a cause for the vast majority of all questions I see in this blog.
Issue-1 :
“I have problems installing softwares please help me” or “I get a “certificate error” message when trying to install a software what do I do” or “I get an “certificate expired” error message when installing a theme please help”
Although this have been covered extensively in the past I guess it is still an issue.
If you try to install a software and see the above error message “Certificate Error. Contact the application supplier You are trying to installed an application that is not Symbian signed.
The solution is easy. Simply switch the setting in the Application Manager from “Signed only” to accept all – “Software Installation: All”. You can find the application manager in the tools folder, then click on “Option” to bring up “Settings”.

Issue-2 Expired Certificate error.
 The certificate that the theme developer used may have expired. However, there is an even easier fix for this issue.
Simply set the date on your device back 3 to 16 months and then install the software. After you successfully installed the theme don’t forget to set the time correctly on your device.
If none of those option works try to sign the application/theme on Symbian Signed: https://www.symbiansigned.com/app/page/public/openSignedOnline.do
With that being said I am now off to trawl the internet for some new great themes. If you have any themes to share with us please.
The other simple way is just install Freesigner. Click add then open the application or the theme u want to sign location, click on it then options and click add 3 options will be shown chose “self sign” but if the file is already signed (usually its extension *.sisx) u must click remove sign then go again to the theme’s folder u will find the same theme name but with *.sis extension then do the “self sign”. after that close the FREESIGNER and go to the folder u will find ur theme or app. have the same name with “signed” added and with *.sisx extension congrats u have signed theme.

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